Bookings made at this property are made under the followings terms:

Your contract is with Martin & Sheena Rhodes (“The Owners”, “we”, “us” and “our” in the Booking Terms and Conditions) for the property known as Riverside, Curload, Stoke St Gregory, Taunton, TA3 6JE (“The Property”). 

The Terms and Conditions form the basis of your contract with us so please read them carefully. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affects your statutory rights.

You accept the Terms and Conditions when you go through the booking process.  No booking will ever be accepted or confirmed without our having received your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking, Payment and Cancellation Policies

  1. The party leader must be a minimum of 25 years of age at the time of booking.
  2. The party leader is responsible for all payments, breakages and cancellations.
  3. It is at the discretion of the Owners to charge for any damages which occur at the property.
  4. Payment of a deposit of 20% of the total rental charge is required at the time of booking. The balance payment is to be made no later than 56 days before the rental commencement date.
  5. The Good Housekeeping/Security Deposit is due 21 days before arrival.
  6. The rental charge and Good Housekeeping/Security Deposit must be paid in full if a booking is made less than 56 days before the rental commencement date.
  7. Prior to issuing the booking confirmation the Owners reserve the right to make any changes to the accommodation offered, or to the rental prices. 

The property cannot be used for any purpose other than normal holiday/leisure use solely by the agreed and accepted Tenants; this restriction includes:

  • Parties
  • Wedding receptions
  • Formal gatherings
  • Third party organised events
  • Corporate events (without prior agreement)
  • Sub-letting of any kind

The Owners reserve the right to cancel or turn away bookings which are found to be in breach of this restriction. Security deposits will not be returned in this event.

If a cancellation is made by the Tenants (which must be received by recorded delivery to the address in the contact page), less than 10 weeks prior to the rental commencement, or if payment is not received by the due date, the Owners reserve the right to give notice in writing that the reservation is cancelled. The Tenants will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent.

In the event of cancellation the 20% deposit is non-refundable. Refunds of any other amounts paid will only be made if the Owners are able to re-let the Property. Any expenses or losses incurred in so doing (including re-advertising and administration costs) will be deducted. Bank charges on payments by means other than UK Sterling cheques are payable by the Tenant.

The Tenants are strongly advised to arrange comprehensive travel insurance for the entire group/family including cancellation cover, personal belongings, accidental damage and public liability. Please take advice from an insurance broker. The Owners reserve the right to request proof of your insurance. Should the Owners, through any unforeseen circumstances, be unable to fulfil the agreement to make the Property available for rental, the Tenants shall be entitled to a full refund.

The Security Deposit will be refunded in full or part within 7 days after the Tenants’ departure date. Prior to issuing the booking confirmation the Owners reserve the right to make any changes to the accommodation offered or to the rental prices. 

2. Arrival and Departure

Bookings are either from Friday to Friday (week), Monday to Friday (midweek) or Friday to Monday (weekend). The Property is let to the Tenant from 4 pm (no earlier) on the day of arrival and all Tenants MUST vacate the property by 10 am at the latest on the day of departure; the Tenants have paid to rent the Property for this period only. An additional charge may be made for arrival or departure outside these times 

3. Accommodation

In total there are six bedrooms sleeping up to 12 adults.  One travel cot is provided for an infant. This number of occupants must not be exceeded and the Tenants should ensure that the number of bedrooms, and the arrangement of beds therein, is suitable for their group/family members. Tenants are not permitted to move furniture from one room to another. Pitching tents or parking caravans to accommodate more people is forbidden. Please note that we only take pets with prior agreement - maximum of two, well behaved dogs at £50 per dog per stay. Dogs are not permitted in any other than the ground floor rooms. No boots are to be worn in any of the carpeted areas of the accommodation. No drinks other than water are to be taken to any of the bedrooms.

4. Property Location

The Property is situated in a rural location and the Tenants should be aware of local flora and fauna. There may be domestic, farm and wild animals in the vicinity and associated noise, smell and droppings. The presence of birds, rodents and insects (including stinging/biting insects) in the surrounding countryside is inevitable. These are local prevailing conditions for which the Owners cannot accept any liability. The rear of the Property backs onto a river and the Tenants should take care never to allow young children onto the riverbank unaccompanied.

The Property is situated in a rural location and the Tenants are advised to expect farming activities in the vicinity of the Property. The Owners cannot be held liable for any such activities, which may occur day or night at any time of year.

5. Damage to the Property

When booking the Property the Tenants accept full responsibility for any loss, breakage or damage to the contents, fixtures or fittings at the Property. The Tenants must inform the Owners immediately of any such damage during their rental period. The cost of repair or replacement for any damaged or missing items (at the discretion of the Owners) or excessive services consumed (at the discretion of the Owners) will be deducted from the Security Deposit. If the cost of repair or replacement exceeds the Security Deposit, the Tenants will be responsible for paying the difference. In the event that replacement furniture or fittings are required, the Owners will source replacement items to the same high standards as the originals and the Tenants will be liable for the replacement costs in full.

The Tenants are required to take care of, and show consideration for, the Property and must leave it in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the rental period. 

Please kindly refrain from using candles in the main house due to fire restrictions.  The letting-off of fireworks or launching of sky lanterns is not permitted.  Smoking is not permitted at the Property.

6. Owners’ Obligations

  • The Owners will ensure the Property is cleaned between lettings.
  • The Owners will provide one medium size bath towel and hand towel per person (for use inside the house only).
  • The Owners will provide bed linen (excluding cot linen).

7. Tenants’ Obligations

The Tenants must take due care of the property, furniture and effects.  The Tenants undertake to allow access to the Property for the purpose of maintenance, repairs, or inspections. The Tenants shall report to the Owners without delay any defects in the Property or breakdown of the equipment, plant, machinery or appliances in the Property or garden. Arrangements for repair and/or replacement will be made as soon as practically possible. The Tenants are fully responsible for the disposal of rubbish, including bottles, which must be put in the bins provided. Cleaning materials are provided and guests are expected to leave the property as they find it.

The Tenants should supervise children at all times and verify the suitability of any equipment and toys before use, including cots and high chair.  The owners can accept no liability for any accidents caused howsoever during use of these or other items of equipment or toys at Riverside.

8. Noise and General Behaviour

Rowdiness, singing or playing of music outside is not permitted, and due consideration must be shown to neighbouring properties at all times.


If in the reasonable opinion of the Owners, their representative or any other person in authority, you or any member of your party behaves in such a way as to cause or is likely to cause danger, upset or distress to any third party or damage to property, the Owners are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the Property rental without refund or compensation. In any such circumstance the Tenants will be asked to vacate the Property immediately.

Please therefore act in a courteous manner as you would expect others to behave in your own home, including being aware of how sound travels on still evenings and the proximity of neighbours who also wish to enjoy their gardens during the daytime and evenings without disturbance.

9. Hot Tub

There is an outdoor heated hot tub on the private patio which is regularly attended by our contract engineer who maintains the quality of the water and the correct functioning of the hot tub. He will advise us of any misuse and damage arising during your stay and you will be held liable for the cost of repairs.


Please ensure everyone has read these before entering the Hot Tub.

  • The water in the hot tub is regularly inspected and cleaned.  Please do not add anything to the hot tub; bubble bath, etc. will upset the PH balance in the water and it will need to be drained. You will be liable for the cost of draining, refilling and reheating in this event.
  • Please ensure that children are not allowed into the hot tub unless supervised by an adult at all times, the water is deep enough for a young person to drown in.
  • Do not use the hot tub if you are pregnant or on any medication.  Consult a doctor beforehand.
  • Do not adjust the temperature any higher than 40°C.  A safe, comfortable temperature is between 35 and 38°C. The hot tub is left on at all times, so please do not excessively lower the temperature or turn off the power; it takes 24 hours to heat the water back up from cold!  
  • Always put the cover back over the hot tub when not in use, this is very important as it helps maintain the temperature and stops debris etc. getting into the water. Please make sure you do this whenever it is not going to be used for a period of time, i.e. after 10pm or during the day if you decide to go out - this is a two-person operation.
  • Please monitor the water level in the hot tub, which can steadily reduce with frequent use particularly by children. There is a level marker next to the main water intake vent below the control panel. If the level falls significantly below this level, air may be drawn into the pump causing overheating and damage for which you will be liable. Please use the hosepipe near the main gate to refill the hot tub as necessary.
  • Under no circumstances must glasses be taken into or near the hot tub for drinking out of, we have provided plastic glasses for this purpose.
  • We advise that no alcohol is consumed whilst using the hot tub.
  • Please keep noise down to an acceptable level whilst using the hot tub and be mindful that there are neighbouring properties in close proximity.
  • Please do not use the white house towels, we have provided coloured  towels for your use outside.
  • Please do not wear anything except swimwear in the hot tub and please do not wear body makeup or fake tan as this could also upset the PH balance and make the water murky.


10. Waiver

The Owners can take no responsibility for any personal injuries, howsoever caused, except to the extent that such injury is attributable to the negligence of the Owners or their managers.

The Owners cannot be held responsible for unavailability of an appliance arising from damage or breakage by the Tenants or previous Tenants, although repair or replacement will be made as soon as possible.

The Owners cannot accept responsibility for weather conditions, which may affect the Property and the facilities as well as access to the Property.

Cuts in water and electricity supplies may occur at any time without warning (for example in times of drought). The Owners cannot be held responsible for technical problems with the Property or the facilities or any problems with any appliance as a result of interruption to electrical or water supplies.

Jurisdiction : the law of England and Wales governs this contract. Any disputes arising under this contract shall be referred to the courts of England and Wales.